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SusanCharles Prints, Inc.

A Hillsborough, NC-based company providing global services in full spectrum consulting, design, production, and fulfillment.

About Susan Charles Prints
Working with our clients is a collaborative relationship.

Since 2005, Susan Charles Prints has served as a comprehensive, start-to-finish, material fulfillment management firm subcontracted to numerous health studies. We have successfully supported dozens of project leaders throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

From its origin as a printed material and fulfillment consultancy, founded by the late printing executive, Charles Dennis, Susan Charles Prints has placed its sub-contracted work within a small, quality-driven printer and mailer vendor group.

We're proud and humbled to be known for our dedication, responsiveness, thoughtful and creative solutions that have been called, "impeccable" by our past clients.

Under the direction of Susan Dennis, a service package can offer researchers a single point of contact to handle administrative, order submission, production and logistics. We'll streamline all facets and phases of study material procurement.

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material fulfillment management for health related businesses
Featured services
Start a relationship that works.

Understanding our clients and their needs drives every project, from concept to pilot phases and then on to study launch. We are passionate about seeing measurable results that are tailored to the unique data gathering aspirations of our clients.

Our rapid response commitment prompts us to meet your business's needs immediately so you can continue to thrive without any delays.

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    Strategic Planning
    • Project management consultation
    • Top tier graphic design
    • Branding consultation
    • Message design
    • Operation planning, vendor negotiation and timeline coordination
    • Critical time paths to coordinated launch
    • Ongoing material support and operation management
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    Mailing Operation

    Integrated Mail Operation Service

    • Direct mail product and roll out strategies
    • Postal options and costs
    • Receipt of data - certified cyber secure framework
    • Custom and personalized laser printing
    • Insert multiple variable pages via intelligence inserting
    • Print, cut and fold to final size
    • PERL based automation for customized lists
    • Excel VBA Automation Programming

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    Packaging and Material Design and Production
    • Pocket folder packets
    • On-demand survey packets
    • Letters and business return envelopes
    • Self-exam kit boxes with multiple variable pieces
    • Custom, thermal bio-specimen home visit kits for field exam
    • Gift card incentive mailings
    • Bi-fold postcards
    • Custom labels, cryo labels for field and lab application

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    Variable and Static

    Digital, offset and web

    Low to high volume

    • Booklets
    • Newsletter
    • Specialty retention customized
    • Surveys
    • Boxes
    • Folders

    Just about everything!

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    Specimen Collection Supply Procurement
    • Home
    • Clinic
    • Lab
    • Procurement services for study specified collection materials and supplies. Stored, data based and tracked within each unit, kit, packet and shipment.
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    • Kitting for pre-visit, home exam or clinic exam
    • Packaging for lab or field agent supply orders
    • Skilled, dedicated, experienced team
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    Store, Track and Data Base Inventory
    • Track agent material and gift card assignments
    • Track lot, serial and date of supplies in field
    • Secure, bonded storage with temperature control section over 50 years in same location
Facts that make us proud
Why study leaders turn to us for our expertise and get results.

The Sister Study by susan charles

NIEHS 2004-2009

From 2003 to 2009, more than 50,000 women across the US and Puerto Rico, who were between ages 35–74 and whose sister had breast cancer, joined this landmark research effort to find causes of breast cancer.

Because of their shared environment, genes, and experiences, studying sisters provides a greater chance of identifying risk factors that may help find ways to prevent breast cancer.


SCP produced over 2 million pieces fulfilled weekly into personalized kits.

The Sister Study
The Gulf Study by susan charles

NIEHS 2010 - 2020

The GuLF Study, or Gulf Long-term Follow-up Study is a research project examining the human-health consequences of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010.


SCP managed the production, fulfillment and distribution of 30,000 lead letters, 12,000 Pre-Visit kits and managed the design, production, procurement and maintenance of weekly bio-exam materials, including a custom thermal shipper, to over 50 agents.

11,000 individualized home exam units were distributed to the field. Once returned to the lab, the thermal shippers were re-furbished for continued use.

The Gulf Study
the agricultural study by susan charles

NIEHS 2005 - 2020

The Agricultural Health Study (AHS) is a prospective study of cancer and other health outcomes in a cohort of licensed pesticide applicators and their spouses from Iowa and North Carolina.

The AHS began in 1993 with the goal of answering important questions about how agricultural, lifestyle, and genetic factors affect the health of farming population.


For the study's 25th year, SCP managed the design, production and fulfillment of a customized lead letter initiative. Additionally, 97,000 Phase V Follow Up survey packets with multiple variable pieces were produced and fulfilled in rolling batched releases.

The Agricultural Health Study

Susan Dennis
is a dedicated partner...

"She's a proven, masterful planner and out-of-the box solution finder. Her 24/7 hands-on oversight and care of details, large and small, allowed us to focus on the priorities of data finding."